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Affordable wet / dry vacuuming

It doesn't take long for mold or rot to set in when you have a large amount of liquid that needs to be cleaned up - give us a call. Our vac truck can handle any flooded area and get the water vacuumed up.

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Vac Truck

A vacuum truck is a tank truck with a heavy duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load solids, liquids, sludge or slurry through suction lines typically 2-4" in diameter.

  • Commercial

  • Agricultural

  • Residential

  • Industrial

Services offered:

  • car wash & wash bay pits

  • sand, shop, manure pits

  • slurry store tanks

  • holding tanks

  • floor trenches

  • cattle crossings

  • digesters

We also offer:

crust busting

grease traps



steam, clean and thaw lines

pressure wash lines and

interceptor tanks

Terralift - drainfield rejuvenation

High powered vacuuming