Portable toilet on location Portable toilet interiors

"Refresh" your own personal unit

  • Pump all solids & liquids

  • Wash down entire inside of unit

  • Replace with fresh water, the "blue stuff" and toilet paper

  • Inside of unit sprayed down with a sanitizing deodorant

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Get multiple stations for large groups

Whether you are throwing a a birthday party or hosting a large public event, you want to make sure your guests have the facilities they need. Contact Myers Septic Service, LLC today for all of your portable unit needs.

Keep your options open:

job site



hand wash stations

hand sanitizer stations

6 man walk thru unit

Portable units for any occasion:

  • Job site

  • Home remodeling

  • Community/public/school events - fair, festival, parade, car/truck/air show

  • Personal events - party, wedding, anniversary, reunion, graduation

  • Seasonal - golf or driving range, flower or farmer market, sports fields/courts, cabin

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